Early Childhood

Early Childhood Services Project

Welcome to our new page dedicated to our Early Childhood Services Project, which has now operated for over 5 years and every year of our Shed’s life. Our funding partner over many years has been the Gladstone Ports Corporation and they have further committed to ensure the program runs throughout 2019. To assist the many kindergartens and pre-schools in the Gladstone region, we are compiling a photographic list of the many items that they can order as part of the Early Childhood Services Project. Whilst we are endeavouring to photograph everything, there will certainly be gaps at the moment, so please ask for what you would like and we will see what we can do for you.

We have received many certificates of appreciation for this project, but the following letter from the Fours Shine Playgroup portrays exactly what we are trying to achieve with this project: Four Shines Playgroup