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The Gladstone Observer did a good job recognising the value McCosker Contracting had given us in completing our earthworks free of charge during 2016, see the story and photo in the link Moura Crescent

We are still getting good press on other items as well, here is some releases on our partnerships with Queensland Alumina and the the Gladstone Ports Corporation which features our ever popular Early Childhood Services Project, as well some around our new building:


Gladstone Observer

We received the good news in November 2015 of our success with a grant submission to the Gladstone Foundation.  Previously in July and August 2015, the Gladstone Observer had some good photos of the Shed, to see the Orica visit click on Gladstone and for the Glen Butcher visit use the link Observer.  They also recorded a short video clip on our C4C work in March and it is worth checking out at Gladstone Observer, Local Life, Video or use this shortcut Video, unfortunately it starts with an advertisement. Also QGC have the Gladstone Men’s Shed and several of our members featuring about 3 minutes into the video, to see it all go to or use this shortcut vimeo

Watch us wave from our Feast on East Market stall during the Pacific Dawn visit with the video Feast On East or get a good view of Gladstone from the cruise visit by Pacific Jewel

We have also noticed that the Guide to QGC Communities Fund features Jim and Nev from our Shed, it is a great example of the fellowship happening at the Gladstone Men’s Shed:

QGC GuideThe Gladstone Gladstone Observer has been very supportive of the Gladstone Men’s Shed, the following article from August 2014 is great reading:

Open Day Gladstone Observer