Member’s Page

A note from the President

Thank you for the members who turned out for Majella’s funeral, all our thoughts are with Jim and no doubt we can offer him company and lend support when he returns to the Shed.  We have  got a busy August to get through now and  appreciate the support of all members at our events coming up.

We have been successful in securing grant funds to give the Shed an EFTPOS facility, but we have had a little delay due to money laundering regulations of all things before we can complete the installation.  Hopefully we will get approval by the end of August and this will both enhance our opportunity for sales at the cruise markets, but will also make it a bit easier to pay for things in the shed like members paying their membership fees or customers finding it easier to make donations for our services.

On a bigger front, the Australian Men’s Shed movement continues to receive good publicity and accolades, there is now 1,062 sheds in Australia and they have further expanded from the established overseas bases into countries like Alaska, Denmark, Iceland and Sweden, we like our air conditioning on some days but bet those places love their heating.  They have just had a great broadcast on the ABC’s afternoon radio show, you can listen to the 20 minutes or so from this link ABC Programs

Don’t forget we will be looking for everybody’s assistance for a busy Open Day and Garage Sale on Saturday 19th October and we have a busy run of cruise ship markets from late October to right throughout November.  Also we have a good range of men’s shirts back in stock, it is great when you wear the Shed’s uniform as you remind us forgetful buggers what your name is, communications become a lot easier when we can talk to you by name.  Thanks for your consideration on all these matters – Ron