Member’s Page

A note from the President

What a year we have had with the limitations of Covid19 and unfortunately some of those rules remain, but of course the residents of Gladstone have largely escaped the effects of this terrible virus.  We always looks forward to the restrictions being further lifted before year end, but until that happens we should continue to observe social distancing and all that comes with it which unfortunately places a lot of doubt on our ability to hold our night-time Christmas party.  The decision is being left to as late as possible, but it is only fair to forewarn that it may not happen this year and we do have plans for an alternative if we need to make changes for just 2020.

The lean-to for our building extensions has encountered many problems, which cannot be attributed to the volunteers working hard on member’s behalf, but it is sufficient to say there would have to be some unknown factor out there if we were ever to engage that shed builder again.  For brighter news, the staff at Gladstone Regional Council have been both busy and cooperative in the last few months responding to our request for extra land in Moura Crescent – fingers and toes crossed for the right outcome very soon.

With our participation in the Great Australian Garage Sale for both Saturday and Sunday 21-22 November we look forward to many hands making light work for the setting up and then the 2 days of selling.  We will not sell on behalf of members this time, but if you want to man your own stall, we are happy to talk to you and are trying to encourage a couple of outsiders to be there just to make it more attractive for what we hope to be a good flow of buyers.  There year is finishing with a rush for both the terrific projects that we have got on and the various events we are planning, so please keep checking this website for the latest updates.