Member’s Page

A note from the President

It is time to look ahead for the new year.  The year start on 14th January with a spring summer clean, there will be no work in the workshop while we give our building a dust, mop, wipe or whatever is necessary to keep it in the good condition that it deserves.

Soon after we will have our First Aid Certificate training on Monday 3rd February, we can fill up to 18 spots, so get your name in as it would be a shame to waste this free training on something that is so useful at the shed, on the road or at home whenever an incident requires you to have this valuable knowledge.

Many thanks to the Central Hotel for currently holding their Friday raffles in aid of our Shed, we will reciprocate and have a lunch or dinner down there as soon as their new table is built.  The Early Childhood Services Project will continue throughout 2020 with the usual sponsorship from the Gladstone Ports Corporation.

The first half of 2020 will be busy with planning the Poet’s Day to be held at Ubobo on Friday 5th June, the Premier’s Department has given us a subsidy to hold this event as part of Queensland Day celebrations, so if anyone want to help “yours truly” on a committee to make this as good a day as we can, you are welcome to join in.