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The Gladstone Men’s Shed reminds all members to be mindful of others when coming to the shed and feeling sick yourself or being close to someone at home who might be suffering.  We are certain you will feel very bad if you pass a bug onto somebody else whose immune system may not be as good to handle it as your own.

This is the latest information on the Government’s work to deliver safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines for Australia. 

So you’ve tested positive for COVID-19 – what’s next?

Most vaccinated people who become infected will only experience mild illness. This means many of us can isolate at home.Watch this video to find out the steps you should take if you test positive. 

How to get oral antivirals

If you’re in a high-risk group and test positive for COVID-19, contact your health professional for advice about prescription oral antiviral treatments as soon as possible.Your health professional can send the pharmacist your prescription electronically, so the medications can be collected by someone else if you need to isolate. 

Australian Health Protection Principal Committee recommends mask wearing

We know masks help protect people from viruses like the flu and COVID-19 and help stop them from spreading.Wearing a mask when away from home and in crowded indoor places like public transport or at the supermarket is strongly recommended to protect yourself and the community.Learn more: