Member’s Page

A note from the President

We have had a reasonably social few months now, hopefully not overdone and a nice change to what has been our highly successful “Tuesdays and Thursdays” in the Shed.  Wednesday which is only a slight variation to the other days is going well and where possible we have been making Friday the social day or to put it another way – “coffee and a chat”.  You are welcome to give your feedback on how this has been going and of course we are always happy to have other activities and/or other days in the Shed, we just need a regular Coordinator to make sure they go off without a hitch.

Along similar lines we have been having the senior boys in from Rosella Park School on every 2nd Tuesday afternoon to do a bit of craft work in our Shed, it has gone particularly well when you see the pleasure the boys get out it and their supervisor, David Roby, deserves a lot of credit for managing the visit.  However during this 3rd semester we have struggled to get one of our members to stay behind as a mentor and at this stage we do not know if we have got a mentor for any of those Tuesdays in semester 4.  Other schools are showing an interest in doing the same, but we are acting as a handbrake on proceedings because we do need volunteers from within the membership.

On a bigger front, AMSA continues to receive good publicity and accolades, there are now 1,062 sheds in Australia and they have further expanded from the established overseas bases into countries like Alaska, Denmark, Iceland and Sweden.  They have had a great broadcast on the ABC’s afternoon radio show, you can listen to the 20 minutes or so from this link ABC Programs and of course they received good publicity from all forms of media during the Rockhampton gathering in August.

Don’t forget we will be looking for everybody’s assistance for a busy Open Day and Garage Sale on Saturday 19th October and we have a busy run of cruise ship markets from late October to right throughout November.  We have just had another great outcome with GPC sponsoring the Early Childhood Services Project in 2020 for $7,700 and their are a few more grant applications already lodged for other projects, it is a big help to the grant writing procedure when we can demonstrate our own fund raising at the now long-running cruise markets, so again we need you to occasionally volunteer to keep that going.