Industry Tours 2023

Gladstone Men’s Shed Industry Tours in 2023

What started from a kind invitation from Gemco to tour their railway repair workshops at the start of 2023 has developed into monthly tours of organisations of interest to shedders and we have since been to the maintenance workshops at Boyne Smelters, the Residue Management Area at Rio Tinto Yarwun and now a very interesting tour of the Smit Lamnalco tugs in the Gladstone harbour.  We have got some more ideas to visit in the future, which just goes to show there are more activities over and above the workshop that can be found in a shed:

The technology seen on this machine at BSL was amazing
High on the dam wall at RTA’s Residue Management Area
Jim reckons they must have some pull
Always a few stragglers for All Aboard
Being on Boyne Island gets a new meaning
And this is different to go over to Heron Island
All hands on deck and there is a lot of deck
Our guide Ashley hopes the only eel in this harbour is on Bob’s beanie
The captain gives up his chair for this mob on the port side of the wheelhouse
With Gibbo waiting to let go all lines on starboard, the captain keeps control
A 360 view and surrounded by display screens
The tugs have a 3 man crew, but this is not any of them
Getting some grunt into the engine room
The arrows tell the water where to go in the fire system
The closest Noel comes to pressure in retirement
You still need a Big Jim in a modern engine room
Poetry in motion, Clive with a stern drive
Hope the shedder in the middle is not pulling in his fishing line
Looks like short shedders with a tall tug
Thanks Smit Lamnalco for the great tour
The gate is closed after another great day out for the shedders
That’s where we were, it was a good day while the Hunter went to work