Recent Photos

The men are in the minority at Edenvale, they join the majority when they visit the shed for activities
It was a year for foodies, first we tasted Sushi, now we are making sliders
Our Coffee Cart has no engine, but it is in the Toyota Service Dept
Some of our shedders went to uni, they didn’t learn much but their cooking was great
We can restore furniture but members still look the same
Not eye candy but a Candy Cart made in the shed
Wiggins Island Coal Export Terminal have a pow wow in front of our tepees
A good team making a good number of tepees for our good friends at St Johns
Our CNC Router is getting it right – 2 arms, 2 legs and just 1 head
QFES did a great presentation on Fire Alarms at the Cluster Meeting
Some of the Gladstone team at the Capricornia Zone Cluster Meeting, it was a good day
Stopover at the Calliope River Shed on our way to Biloela
Many thanks to Dreamtilt for our new superfast internet connection
An oldie but a goodie, the bandsaw that is
GMS goes to GPS, thanks to Power Station for donation of equipment
Do you need to show your green tick when we are putting on a show?
Thanks Ken for the grant for our new mower, we are now a cut above the rest
Maurie is a great tutor on the computers, but not all are watching and learning
Nice awning our boys are putting up, but it doesn’t keep the rain out
Our boys getting the ingredients for Mango Chutney and helping Act4Kids at the same time
The Production line at our St Johns BBQ stall
Some still find sanctuary at St Johns
It is OK to look at it Mal, the Router is actually working
Our Shed’s IT Department starting from the floor up
We didn’t win the BBQ trophies, but smoking at making them on our new Laser Engraver
This visit from Shell QGC takes the cake, but we enjoyed every minute of it
Table proudly built in the shed, now at Northern Oil, good job all round!
Gibbo negotiating a good price to stay at Broadwater Haven
Gibbo negotiating a good rate for the shed at Broadwater Haven via Baffle Creek Shed
Great Heavens, what a great bunch of blokes at the Gracemere Hotel
Great Heavens, with a great bunch of blokes at the Gracemere Hotel
Not black & blue all over, but brown & blue when Gladstone meets Gracemere
Not black & blue all over, but brown & blue when Gladstone & Gracemere get together
Glad that Glenn and Danica had time to smell the flowers at the Gladstone Men’s Shed
The bottom has fallen out of refurbishing chairs, but great work done by Bob and Darrel
Graham has got the Wombats working at new heights!
Shedders packing it up at EcoFest – a good day for all!
Thanks Janelle, our members are savouring a great Mother’s Day breakfast at the marina
We had to include this table, as one member reckons he knows the Deputy Prime Minister
Even if the Two Ronnies were separated, they were still made head of the respective tables
ABC – Athol, Barney Point and our Canberra representatives, paints a real picture of life at the Shed
We were always a DeWalt Shed – now we are a bigger DeWalt Shed
Our wombats are photogenic and protected, work is avoided at all costs
Mal going in to bat for the Shed, but another good job by our members
That’s gold, Jim keeps having 70th birthday parties!
The dragway is next door, but shedders got value from great day at the Mature Age Driving Course
Thanks Gladstone Marine for the clamps, but Dennis now wants some back!
Healthy and tech savvy, using an app to get My Health for Life
A sparkie and a bean counter, thanks Anton for the great safety message
Thanks GCCI, just some of our members who will be using new tools with your generous support
Callide Valley Shed president trying to get into the “Sanctuary”
All the main players of the mini-golf project are in this photo
Bustard Head Lighthouse keeps away gas ships but not spectators at the shed
Barry is happy to show our crafts made today with QGC’s support over the years
Jim & Craig remember the good old days, we remember at great visit by GPC in 2020
M is for Mo, Movember, Mental Health, Men’s Shed & Morning Tea, thanks CDC for combining it all
We got our teeth in Snake Awareness with Mike Boen
Our shed’s relationship with all at St Johns is sweet
Palmy the Black Cockatoo is coming to roost in our Shed – thanks Laraine

IMG_0680 (1)

Thanks Physio & Fitness for adding to our new Friday activity

IMG_0678 (1)

Ron & Mal playing with legs (the tables, that is)


Bob is all smiles after some shed magic on this project


The starting point for our project, well it had an outline


We have got your number, all plain sailing now


Our plinths well grounded at the airport, but our art is in the cloud(s)


A preview of our ambitious project to build 1,000 animal nesting boxes for the Bushfire Relief


Some of the team working on the Electronically Controlled Router – roll on the next stage!


Some of the members who have renewed their First Aid Certificates – very useful!


Only the house is supposed to be crooked, not the members doing time inside


Mixed Vintages, mature (?) members with our new top on well-used wine barrel


Great end to 2019, cubby being put to good use at Rainbow Valley


Not a silent night but the end of a busy night at St John’s Carols, thanks to all


The Shed gets money from the cloud, thanks Freemasons for our EFTPOS facility


It’s true, Brian & Hanna from Physio Fitness telling us “sit to be fit” – we might get them back!


That’s gold, thanks to GECC staff for the variety in what we do

GECC Cup Day

Losing the race, there are two many nags in the Shed


They may be at Headricks but it may not help the headspace


Fred keeps a good eye on the Bundy boys, we enjoyed their visit


Our meeting room has never looked this good, Christmas in July


No prizes for us but the Eisteddfod loves our shelving for the trophies


Our Member for Flynn, Ken O’Dowd, inspects our upper house


Wheely good job by our boys, see it at the Mt Larcom Show


Now we are on 2 wheels (or is it 3), we are going to light up Luminous in 2019


Rosella Park School students enjoying their afternoons in our Shed


Great feeling to give to the community, all through our Early Childhood Services project


Four Shines Playgroup like what we have done for them, that’s for sure


Even at St John’s Spirit Night, Ray remembers to put the onions on the bottom


Every year it gets busy at the St Johns BBQ – this is not one of those moments


Jakarta job, we met our good friend Robert from Indonesia at the Alumina Conference


Light work at the Lightbox, our boys cooking for the global alumina conference


The boys built this silky oak table, but should have delivered it not christened it


With a Stockland’s grant, we have got Jon & Sam Redshaw building member’s interest in bees


Mother’s Day Breakfast and a presentation by the Public Trustee as well


This was our 2018 Bush Picnic, but it looks more like a garden party


Just some of the native animal nesting boxes for the Green Army, they love them & our work


Bec & Mel from AMSA in Newcastle come to visit, we appreciate their help


We might send Bob to school with these chairs for Agnes Waters


Plenty of Christmas spirit, stepping up to help Stepping Stones with their Christmas Party


De members getting defibrillator training, thanks to CQ First Aid


Our 2 guest speakers for Men’s Health Week with a great attendance by members


The All Stars, local singer Hayley Marsten, collecting stars from us before her Lonestar EP launch


We are not falling for it anymore, Dept of Fair Trading educating us about Online Scam


Many thanks to the Gladstone Mudcrabs for benefits from their Charity Day


With thanks to the GRC Library for running these computer courses at the Shed


Just half the room at the Diabetes presentation learning to put just half on our plate


Our ribbons against Domestic Violence are carrying a powerful message


Helping Rotary to replace the fences at the Bustard Heads Lighthouse cemetery


Jim making a sign for Ken Hough Oval, our community work ends up in so many places


Once we got Graham out of Café Spinnaker we could finish Clinton’s cubby house


With assistance from GPC our Early Childhood Services Project at St Stephens is win/win for all


Busy making sheaths for RTA Yarwun, their support is appreciated

The current catches up with the past, Orica meets ex-employees at the Shed

The current catches up with the past, Orica meets with ex-employees at the Shed

Stepping Stones welcomes the Men's Shed and we appreciated it

Stepping Stones welcomes the Men’s Shed and we appreciated it

We are going to the dogs, he wanted to do woofwork

We are going to the dogs, he wanted to do woofwork

Great generosity from the AMWU workers on Curtis Island

Great generosity from the AMWU workers on Curtis Island

Men's Shed rocks on for the Capricorn Helicopter Service

Men’s Shed rocks on for Capricorn Rescue, we go to great strides to help

Peter placing an order for the first Cappuccino on the lectern

Peter placing an order for a cappuccino on Rotary’s lectern made at our Shed

Celebrating our C4C sponsorship from GPC, will have to make seahorses now

Celebrating our Early Childhood Services Project sponsorship from GPC

Some of the A Team making up a team for dinner
We add colour to the Central Lane Hotel
Everybody was happy for a Friday night out
Our table in more ways than one
Thanks for visiting Glenn & Shelly, Gambling Fund grants from the Qld Govt have been a big help
We love their energy, Ergon workers visit with a valuable contribution
We are happy with the trade, 1 tepee for 1 cake