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Gladstone Men’s Shed Inc. has been established in Gladstone for 10 years now and is affiliated with both the Australian Men’s Shed Association and the Queensland Men’s Shed Association.  Our new building at 18 Moura Crs, Barney Point, has been equipped and currently offers activities for metal and wood working and we constantly look for opportunities to conduct other activities.

The shed is open Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings from 8am to 12noon for workshop activities.  A CovidSafe Plan is in place and whilst we do not expect to exceed the visitors numbers allowed on site, we do ask all visitors to sign in and out, obey all the published rules of our CovidSafe Plan and do not come to the Shed if feeling sick or unwell.

For further directions on finding us please refer to map

Recent News:  

30th August to 5th September is Men’s Shed Week and with the theme being “Connection, Community and Camaraderie”, the consensus is not only did the Gladstone Men’s Shed achieve this in the week, but we have also had a heck of a good month.  For Men’s Shed Week we hosted 9 members of the Baffle Creek Men’s Shed for an all morning visit and basically all morning was needed to achieve so much.  With the connection made, there was plenty of camaraderie and undoubtedly the community will benefit.

It was only a week before that when we were all in a coach on our way to the Gracemere Men’s Shed for the morning and again with that shoulder to shoulder contact with others in a shed environment, so many ideas were exchanged for the future benefit of both sheds.  Then earlier in the month we hosted a group from the Boyne Valley Community Shed, who are grateful for whatever tips they can get during their formation period and we also offered our facilities to help in couple of instances.

Some photos have been attached of these visits and the latest copy of QMSA’s “Shed Chatter” has just been received, which includes both the Gladstone Today’s article on Glenn Butcher’s visit and Gracemere has written a nice story with photos on our visit.

Coming up we will need another Special Meeting to deal with further changes around the Deductible Gift Recipient application and will need to decide if we are to proceed with the Sudden Cardiac Arrest training as the demand is just not there when we make the offer.  The 10th Year Celebrations have also been delayed a couple of times and with thanks to Dave Moore for helping Ron, we will be in a position to go with 29th October as the party night.