New Building

2017 – A Year the Shed moves

From November 2016 to moving in on the 26th June 2017 and then to celebrate with the official opening on 14th Oct, we have now got what we always wanted during our short life to date – have our own building with sufficient room to work, you can follow the progress below:
Week 1 from 7th November, establishment of construction facilities by Exacto Projects:dsc03300
By week 2 the tree has been trimmed and McCoskers equipment is being delivereddsc03313
Week 3, the earthworks has happened, a big thank you to McCosker Contracting dsc03319
Week 4, the plumber has laid the pipes and we are ready for the foundationsdsc03344
Week 5, now into December and the foundations are soon ready to receive concretedsc03369
Week 6 and a different perspective from the south, soon we can be on that concreteimg_20161213_075543
Week 7 almost Christmas eve and what a present the Shed is getting20161222_080940
Week 8 this is as far as we got for 2016 but that’s a good start20161231_092511
Week 9 & 10 all the beams are in and now the sheeting has started20170114_090602Week 11 the insulation is starting and the roof still to go over workshop area20170118_122033Week 12, doors & windows to come while work starts on the lean-to foundationsimg_0649Week 13 taken from south in workshop area, donated colourbond wall looks good 20170203_091147Week 14 slabs for awnings are down with doors and windows progressingdsc03627Week 15 Electrical Contractor Geoff Forrest is leading our members on the wiring-up20170215_111555Week 16 The framing in the amenity rooms ready for the wall sheeting to go on20170216_144354Week 17 External view from the south showing the lean-to for our metalwork activities20170223_134531Week 18 the electies wire up while others test the meeting room, but good work by all 20170315_094018Week 19 rare to see the shed is in the rain, but wall cladding continues inside20170322_082543Week 20 the plasterers are now finished, we will be having morning tea here soon 20170331_123359Week 21, part of the workshop showing the ample provision of future power outletsDSC04235Week 22, Easter is over and we have the tilers in the kitchen – looking good! IMG_20170427_113036 Week 23, the concreters are here too working from the back to the front IMG_20170427_081826Week 24, the painters are in the office and meeting rooms – it’s all coming togetherDSC04336Week 25, our own members have started work on the dust extraction systemDSC04354

Week 26, the meeting room is just waiting for some floor coverings to come soonDSC04382Week 27, a view of the workshop from outside the meeting roomDSC04388Week 28, just some of the work benches, note abundance of lights and gpo’sDSC04407Week 29, you will not be caught short here, 1 of several rooms with conveniencesDSC04409Week 30 view from the south and we are being fenced in, not much left to do nowDSC04416Week 31 power is on for council inspection this week, compare to Week 1 photoDSC04412Week 32 turf laid, car park lines done and bollards about to go in – getting close nowDSC04425

All of this action happened with the much appreciated cooperation of the Gladstone Regional Council. A floor plan of our 40m x 15m building plus 2 lean-to’s is below.  The Building Committee of Gerry Graham, Ron Jackson, Mal Ford, Dave Johnson, Graham Bruce, Rudi Hebel and Jim McBryde have helped to gain the maximum value out of this project all the way through and of course our appreciation to our president, Gerry Graham, who has completed so much work to get us to completion.

Floor Plan

We have signed on 22nd June 2016 a Funding Agreement with the Public Trustee acting for the Gladstone Foundation  for $600,000 including gst.  There have been a couple of reductions to the original grant application, but the Gladstone Foundation contributed another $40,000 to ensure we got a proper finish.    Appreciation to the proponents of Foundation – QCLNG, APLNG and GLNG, we want to provide these 3 companies with a facility all of the Gladstone can be very proud of and it is a fitting conclusion to move in so close to the one year anniversary of the Funding Agreement.   Must mention the generosity of Gladstone businesses who also helped with various contributions to make this an extremely valuable building in total.